Secret Service Protection | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security
Via X (twitter) account, @DHSgov

Subject: Secret Service Protection, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

September 18, 2023

Mr. Secretary,

As Americans, we have had a national tragedy come upon us in the past 20th century that has remained unparalleled.  It was only once in our nation’s history that not only was our president taken from us by an assassin’s bullet, but also his own brother running for that office was gunned down.  Twice, our national security forces failed to protect them, and us, the people, in our choices and opportunities guaranteed to us by our Constitution of fair and free elections, of the opportunity to select and to keep our Presidents.  We failed to protect our elected president, and our candidate for that office.  We who are alive today still bear those scars as deep wounds of grief, and in heavy sorrow.  We have little to repay what we owe to that American family and their descendants for their losses, in the lives taken from them – the husbands, the fathers, the brothers – because they ventured forward to serve our great nation.  Nevertheless, we have found it to be fitting to, at times, take actions in their memory. 

Today, we lay claim to being the most informed generation yet to inhabit the earth.  With unlimited information at our finger tips, we rival all the great libraries of history, from the Library of Alexandria to the Library of Congress.  Should we as a people, also, not acknowledge the times in which we live?  Today, there exists a display across our land of wanton disregard for human life, and where peace officers are murdered in cold blood by initiates to criminal gangs.  We see unspeakable bonfires of the innocents for nothing more than the twisted and perverse notoriety it could bring the perpetrators.  When confronted with these facts, our representatives in government would be the first to publicly condemn them.  But, If we are to change this reality, we all must first truly face it.

Let us remember also, as Americans, we do not shirk from our responsibilities, nor from the realities presented to us.  We are also to honor our debts.  Unprecedented circumstances call for unprecedented actions.  We cannot allow any furtherance of our national disgrace, so difficult as it has been to bear.  We cannot fail to act by waiting for the shadow of the sun dial to pass those few remaining increments to strike the provision whole.  For the law was made for the people, and not the people for the law, and the spirit of the law is to ensure justice, and to preserve human life.

We have today, another member of that family, that has given so much before him, enter into public service, and step forward, if it be the people’s will, for election to that highest office in our land.  We can never repay what we owe to their account, but we must never carelessly, or callously, add to it.  With these facts before us, I call on the President of the United States of America to act on our behalf to take any and all steps necessary to assign such protective services as would be required, including Secret Service protection, to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., candidate for United States President.

Furthermore, as the circumstances in which we find ourselves force us to acknowledge the times in which we live, which times share a sheer brutality of blind partisanship, whether of ignorance, misplaced loyalties, or of harmful intents, I am compelled to append my statement of a larger neutrality being at stake as an American; that I neither endorse, or intend to vote for, the candidate in question, but demand his security as I would demand my right to either choose to elect him, or choose to elect his opponent, and  that choice be mine, and not be made for me unlawfully, much less disgracefully. 


David Dansker

cc. President Donal Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, Tucker Carlson