Session Seven: Church of What’s Happening Now

Thank you for joining us in session seven.  We actually have a news-flash for this session that will push the information we intended to cover here a little into the next session. As you know, we recently resumed our conference series by examining Pastor Andy Stanley who replaced Rick Warren as keynote speaker at last October’s New Springs Leadership Conference.  At the time, we dismissed Warren noting that his infamies were well known and reported on, whereas Stanley was unknown to many who should be warned about him.  A breaking development at Saddleback Church, however, reminds us that Warren remains the contemporary pioneer of command and control techniques for human resource management (he calls it ministry), and the others we’ve been examining to expose their secretes are only his apostles.

This last weekend, Warren once again proved that he is far out in front on the cutting edge of apostasy.  We have to stop now and turn our attention to this character because, ladies and gentlemen, in the diabolical program of mind control and human manipulation there remained until now only three tactics that had yet to be unleashed within the visible church.

Two of them are the most powerful that can be employed on the human race, but they are also so blatantly evil that even mega-successful apostates have lacked the nerve to implement them.  Or they were unable to conjure a marketing strategy they thought would slip them over on the unsuspecting.  But it was only a matter of time.  So, get comfortable, and get that second cup of coffee, and welcome back to the conference series the: Church of What’s Happening Now.

If you attended the previous sessions here, you already learned how these false teacher guys have employed the other strategies up to now in order to:

  • Guilt-trip the saints, and the ain’ts, into dues paying members by imitating the Levitical priesthood and scaring them into seeking both justification, and protection, under the ceremonial law.

  • Force them to live in sin by setting them up to lie about the Hebrew Tithe they fall short of in order to make cowards out of them so they are more easily manipulated.

  • Use the Hebrew Tithe to allow the ain’ts to believe they can earn their salvation.

  • Master the use of the catharsis which they use to defuse any urge to rebel against them and their false teachings.

  • Herd them into Life Groups to amalgamate the saved with the unsaved and to monitor them and keep them contained.

  • Recruit volunteers to obtain free labor and bring them more victims, and tell them it’s their ‘ministry’ or they are ‘leaders’ to flatter them and make them feel important.

  • Replaced the Holy Spirit with rock and roll music to satiate their flesh and to keep them spiritually weak.

The implementation of these tactics, as part of replacing the Gospel of Grace with the Social Gospel, took us from Defcon 5 all the way up to Defcon 3 in the escalation of the defense readiness alert level for the Apostasy.

We’re borrowing this alert scale from the United States armed forces defense commands that was developed to assess threat levels on a scale from 5, being the lowest, up to 1 which is the highest level defense readiness posture.  At level 1, the defense posture to assume is anticipation of war being imminent.

What’s left?

The charge echoes from the rebellious: “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.”  Apostates have been using the rock music for decades, and now we have clear indications that they are finally about to use the sex.  And in a master stroke of marketing, Warren has positioned himself to be able to use diet in place of the drugs.  For now.

But don’t be misled, if Warren’s Daniel Plan for ‘healthy’ living includes a vegetarian component he will be opening up millions of unsuspecting in Purpose Driven churches everywhere to demonic influence.

Look, Vegans, don’t take this personally.  But a vegetarian diet renders one more susceptible to spiritual forces, and in the absence of a sound walk supported by sound teaching those forces will be demonic.  That’s more powerful than drugs.

Now, evidentially Warren went to infomercial school to learn how to package this latest and most powerful strategy, which by the way takes us to the threshold of Defcon 2 in our Apostasy defense alert system.  It’s important to note this because there is only one level of defense readiness, or alert condition, remaining before the threat of all out, open-faced Apostasy at Defcon 1.  And because this condition is timed to post-date the departure of the real church, Defcon 1 is also the rapture readiness alert condition.

Warren learned that after celebrating and eating through November and December, January is market time for those who have resolved to lose weight and get back into shape.  Two products lead in this category: exercise apparatus’, or gym memberships, and diet programs. Now, few are going to suspect a program designed by famous doctors and blessed by a famous pastor that is implemented to get congregations in shape.  As we’ll see, it is rapacious.

The Program Enrollment

The program starts out using a tool Saddleback goers and other megacongs (members of other mega congregations) have already been desensitized to: the Techno Confessional.

This is where people enroll online using their church’s sophisticated database to provide personal information by answering questions like: “What were some of the reasons why you think you started developing bad habits? Any specific life events that led you down an unhealthy road?”1

While most would equate this tactic to an appropriately helpful prompt from psychotherapy, already widely accepted as the power in the church, here they would be wrong.  It’s actually the same tactic the Catholic priesthood has used for centuries to gain power over people by learning their deepest secrets in the confession booth.

After answering a slew of open-ended questions cleverly crafted to illicit the most personal information obtainable, the leadership is one up on them. If any dare to criticize the leadership, they can be reminded of their own shortcomings, with an inference to publicity, to shut them up.  That threat will most likely be ‘leaked’ to them through their assigned Accountability Partner or Life Group Leader (who report your progress to leadership via the database).

It’s too bad they never learn any secret information on the leadership to have equal leverage.  Unless, of course, some are attending this conference. And many will wish they did attend this conference, because there is no opting-out of Warren’s healthy brain scam.

The 52-week program is mandatory for his congregants, or as he deceptively puts it, a “can’t miss” opportunity.2 While Warren is up front in telling them they are going to be guinea pigs in a clinical study, he is only flattering them to make them feel important for participating.  Over the next year, members will be theme-boxed into joining the program; sermon messages will authored to support and expound on it, Life Groups will get curriculum and activity assignments tailored to support it as they ‘do’ diet together, and anyone outside the program will be made to feel uncomfortably out of the loop and less than adequate.

The Programmers

While the Daniel Plan is loudly trumpeted as free to participate in, the three experts on board to manage it are accomplished authors who stand to make a killing from sales of their books to the huge market Warren practically guarantees them.  And that doesn’t count future works derived from all the free clinical data provided to them by the participants-who are volunteers, by the way, who ordinarily would get paid to participate in clinical trials.  But it’s FREE!

Yah, and so is leukemia.

Now, aside from mutual aggrandizement, why did Warren select Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Daniel Amen for his Daniel Plan? First off, let’s take a peek at Dr. Amen.

Dr. Amen just happened to write a book titled: Change Your Brains, Change Your Body, and on page 283 (you can Look Inside at he writes something that disqualifies him for addressing how Christian brains should change.  Keep in mind that the brain changing emphasized here in not confined to molecular change through healthy diet and vitamins; it means to change the way we think.

Dr. Amen recounts in his book that he previously wrote about Tantric sexual practices employed to enhance sexual gratification.  Further, Amen shares that he and his wife had gone into hot pursuit until they found a qualified Tantric sex educator who became their teacher—someone they could expose their personal and intimate love making details to, and receive sexual coaching from.  They employed a personal sex coach.

Nowhere in the Bible does God instruct a married couple to invite a third party into this intimate relationship, and in a participating capacity.

I said this disqualifies the doctor from being endorsed to author and manage a program on changing Christian brains.  Unless, that is, Warren is taking the Apostasy to Defcon 2 by preparing the way to establish personal sex coaches at Saddleback to manage and control the sex lives of Saddleback’s members to better control them.  Are couples going to be scheduled to begin reporting to sex coaches for supervised instruction?

Imagine the scenarios.

Sketch: Warren can determine which weekend is to be a romantic one, and which ones are not based on his satisfaction with member performance in a given area.  All right, guys, we’re not satisfied with you financial support, community service, volunteerism, etc., so you’re going to have to sacrifice more.  We want you to focus and meditate on this for the next few weeks to up the numbers.  Women, you going to have to support your guys in this important endeavor, no distractions allowed; so the sex coaches are offline and out of the building until further notice.

Certainly, you didn’t think I was going to do any other sort of sketching?  We’re not steaming our glasses, we’re steaming Warren.  Sound far-fetched?  Improbable?

The Clear and Present Danger

Actually, if this were the only danger in the upcoming sexual manipulation it pales against the real danger of unleashing Tantric sex teachers and promoters onto the unsuspecting.  So, what is Tantric sex?   Keep in mind the cultural equivalency model of assessment we touched on in session six, and read this:

Familiarity with Tantra can help a person enjoy their sex life to its fullest potential. It can help do away with guilt or fear, and Tantra can break down self-imposed or limiting cultural boundaries (as is the case in most Western societies).3

According to the men’s advisory online magazine from whence this explanation is taken, Tantric sex is a “total surrender of all mental, emotional and cultural conditioning, so that universal life energy can flow through you freely.”4 And it’s a spiritual practice of singular significance: “Tantric is the only spiritual practice  that states that sex is sacred and not a sin – even outside of marriage.”5 This is the common knowledge understanding of the ‘scared’ Hindu practices with no clamoring charges of heresy on this understanding from Hindu quarters.

With Warren’s endorsement of men who ascribe to these practices, we can expect to see various attempts at ‘Christianizing’ these heathen practices and packaging them for couples’ series dispensed (SOLD) at churches with work books, and DVD’s.

Our Warning

Firstly, this ‘universal life energy’ said to flow through participants can only be demonic in nature.  Any spiritual practice that does not identify the Holy Spirit as the moving force, and that holds fornication (sex outside of marriage) as sacred, is not sacred: it is satanic.  Any one totally surrendering mentally and emotionally to entice this force is asking for demonic oppression, at the least.

And let’s be clear on demonic oppression; it doesn’t always mean you go around sad all the time.  It is actually most effective as a covert form of impressment; where a person is inducted into state of serving some aspect of sensuality which pleases the flesh, and at the same time distances them from, or prevents them from coming in contact with, the Lord.

Let’s check the source.  Tantric sex practice is derived from rituals in ancient Hindu sacred texts and is integral to the practice of Kundalini yoga and eastern meditation.  Christians should take nothing from Hindu texts.  All religions that deny Jesus as the Christ are false, and any power and knowledge they compile and dispense is satanic, and their purpose is deception.  The lure to this, and every false religion, is the initiation into mysteries; secret knowledge and powers obtained through altered states of consciousness.

Let’s take this apart.  A person sets cross legged on the floor and stretches to contort into various positions.  Next, add the meditation: it’s not completely devoid of mental activity as this primer has been planted in the mind of the participant: a serpent-power resides coiled at the base of your spine which is to be coaxed to rise within you setting off points of enlightenment, or Chakras, as it slithers towards your brain.  Now, why doesn’t that sound Christian?

Working through the increasingly complex yoga positions is painful at first, so chants and controlled breathing are employed as distractions.  But these are more sinister than mere homeopathic anesthetics.

In order to aid the mediation and invite the process along, what are said to be primal sounds—saa, taa, naa, maa, aa—are chanted repeatedly and over long durations of time.  I suggest these go all the way back to actual primeval names of powerful demons, and that knowledge of these names was imparted through altered states where contact or possession actually took place.  (How else would you explain the acceptance of a guy who looks like this as desirable?)

Now, take a deep breath for what we are about to consider last.

All the other doctors on Warren’s plan are in the same league.  They practice, endorse, or admire these heathen practices.  So we won’t treat them one-by-one.  But we will have a look at one of the doctors’ wives, Mrs. Lisa Oz.

Mrs. Oz is also a devotee of eastern mysticism and meditation.  Her brand of demonic telepathy is known as Reiki, and she’s a master in the black art.  Reportedly, her medium abilities were witnessed and experienced by hundreds attending one of her workshops where controlled breathing was central in manifesting an envisioned object, or spiritual presence.

Mrs. Oz led the crowd though breathing and relaxation exercises, and directed them to envision a golden light surrounding them.  In controlled breathing, they were to imagine breathing in the light, and then exhaling it as imbued with their collective energies added to it; making it more powerful, and brighter.  Participants reported feeling the energy exchange, and were awed by it.  They were even told they had brought light into the world.  So, what light do yonder evangelists bring?

Our Conference Interpretation

This focused breathing being an intrinsic part of eastern meditation, where something—here a golden light—is envisioned so as to be summoned to surround the participants, and the participants breath it in, add their own energy to it, and breath it out again, and repeat the process; is an exercise in the manifesting a demon, or demons, through a welcoming spiritual communion with it, or them.

Further, this mammalian aspect of demonic travel, or transitioning between atmospheric environments through air breathing creatures such as humans, and in the Bible swine, correlate with the previously published theory here at surrounding whale and dolphin standings, in Atlantis: Atlanticus Awdawmonus.

Is it coincidence that controlled breathing is requisite in these demon raising exercises, and air breathing mammals are necessary for both demon manifestation and transitioning?  Decide for yourself by attending a breakout session to read the chapter “Cause of Strandings,” Atlantis: Atlanicus Awdawmonus during our recess.  But be ready to join us when we resume in our next session.

In closing out this conference session, we need to give credit for research into this latest Warren apostasy to a fine Christian research outfit by the name of Lighthouse Trails, and also to writers Ray Yungen and John Lanagan. Recognition of these sources by no means implies they agree with the length of our interpretation of this information, or any other conference materials presented herein.  They are acknowledged solely for their dedication and hard work which has helped to make it possible to sound a warning.  We’ll see you next time, in session eight. Until then, do not be easily awed, “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” (2Co 11:14).


1. Saddleback Church, “The Daniel Plan: What’s Your Story?” Community Blog. (January 12, 2011).

2. Sadlleback, “The Daniel Plan,” (accessed January 17, 2011).

3 -5 David Strovny, “Tantric Sex,” AskMen. (accessed January 17, 2011). [NO FOLLOW: this article is explicit in describing sexual intercourse and is not recommended]

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