Session Three: Church of What’s Happening Now

Thank you for rejoining us in session three of conference “The Church of What’s Happening Now” for a look at what is taking place in the visible church today. In session two, we began looking into the poisoned well conference billed as “New Spring Leadership Conference.” We were able to determine that the conference was not about building leaders at all, but was instead a scheme for developing menservants. As menservants, conference goers will be trained to serve the leaders who will be speaking at the event.

We also deduced that the thrust of their conference will be about you exercising your power to bring them victims so that they can repeat the process as they build their kingdom on earth. The process they will emphasize will be on how you can obtain some worldly influence, and how you can take the influence you have gained to do this for them.

By your own efforts, if you attend their conference and follow their teaching, you will apply the pry bar at the fulcrum of opportunity and exert your leverage for their kingdom; using your own power.

Oh, the enabling of the Holy Spirit?

It’s interesting that there are always two extremes when it comes to misrepresenting the Holy Spirit. The first is complete antics. The second is complete absence. Here it is the latter. This is a movement of men, by men, and for men. This is also another conference, and collection of men, that relies on the formula of 10.10.10. as one of their tactics.

What that means is these pastors preach, teach, and demand the tithe from their victims; telling every person who sets under them they must give the pastor ten percent of their income every time they get it, bar none. This, lest they be cursed by God. It’s true:

Pastor Steven Furtick, Elevation Church, Charlotte, demands it,

and so do pastors

Perry Noble, New Spring Church, Anderson;

Pastor Judah Smith, The City Church, Seattle;

Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, Irvine;

Jud Wilhite, Central Church, Las Vegas;

and the rest are probably doing so too.

Consequently, not a one of them will ever preach the whole truth from the Bible, much less from Paul’s epistle to the Galatians.

To set this up, Paul dealt with the very same sort of Judaizers who were following after his ministry which led men into the liberty of Christ to lead converts back under the yoke of bondage. The Judaizers were men who granted that salvation was by faith, but also held that Christians were still under the yoke of some old testament law; particularly circumcision.

One primary motive of the Judaizers was to make men subservient followers of them. They chose an ordinance from the Mosaic law and sought place it around the neck of the saints. The yoke is a wooden stock used to drive and steer animals. The contemporary Judaizers have replaced circumcision with tithing.

Paul confronted this practice of invoking Mosaic laws by rolling the ordinance of the laws back onto the Judaizers:

For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them. (Gal 3:10)

What this means is the new covenant makes void the ordnance of tithing for Jews (Mal 1:1; 3:7), for it was never applied to the Gentiles, much less to the Christian, and thus needed not to be rescinded from them. This also means that anyone who dares to stand on a platform, and extort money by threatening form the Old Testament book of Malachi (written only to the Jews), can be asked to drop his pants on that same platform and be inspected for circumcision.

Here an aside for anyone joining this conference already in progress: this is not an attempt at sensationalism; it’s meant to be an affront to false teachers. It’s aimed at intimidating those guys for a change.

They stand up there and thunder that they are God’s man over God’s house and intimidate those setting at their feet. What chance does the little guy down there have? The pastor has got his wife in a small group, his kids in the nursery, and that’s for starters. The leadership team has got them all tightly woven into a web of activities designed for no other reason than to create interlocking relationships.

That is what Master Rick Warren has taught them to do in order to close the back door of the church so there can be no escape. They want walking away from these apostates to feel like peeling off layers of skin.

Most men are not up to the level of conflict, either with other members or at home, that would be required to get free from that church. So he’s got to go to that church and set there every Sunday and let this false teacher beat up on him, and he’s got to pretend he likes it.

Well, enough already.

Here’s some more ammunition to fight back with. The man on the platform can also be asked to prove, by the temple records, that he is a Levite priest; which were the only ones allowed to collect the Hebrew tithe (there go the Hawaiian shirts and faded jeans). Of course, we know that priesthood was abolished at the cross and the priesthood of believers took its place under one high priest who is now in heaven (Mat 27:50-51; 1Pet 2:4, 9; Heb 7).

It is no wonder why all the major denominations that have carried on this Protestant tradition and every ruffled-come-hipster upstart employing it are going, or start out as, apostate.   By claiming to act under the authority of the Levitical  priesthood in collecting tithes, these false teachers are, in effect, denying the New Testament made by Christ’s shed blood on the cross. That’s right.  That’s wrong.

In our next session we will look at the harm that is done to the saints by those demanding the Old Testament tithe.  We will examine the dynamics behind this practice that compromises the faith walk of the saints and causes them harm.

There is actually a rapacious, behind the scenes, process that these false teachers don’t want any one to know about, but in this conference we’re going to blow the lid off it.  We’re going to finally expose their tactics for the whole world to see what these evil men are doing, and how they are doing it.

I’ll look for you at session four, where pajamas and coffee are optional, but recommended.

[Resource: More on the Truth about Tithing HERE]

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