Session Two: Church of What’s Happening Now

Thank you for rejoining us in session two of conference “The Church of What’s Happening Now” for a look at what is taking place in the visible church today. In our first conference session, we discussed the removal of the image for “Super Conference 10.10.10.” from the website promoting the event. I made the assertion that someone over there read my suggested captions for it and found them too strikingly accurate. If you’ve seen the image, you probably detected the evil leering sneers mingled with the rebellious conceited pomp in its circumstances.

Before retiring this group of heretics, we need to consider this Benny Hinn character. Not to worry, it’s going to be a short autopsy. He is so disgustingly repugnant even his image can’t be published here.

Here is a man who has made a fortune and lived a lavish lifestyle by lying to and stealing from crippled and diseased people. That’s his resume, which he calls a ministry. He is so evil he has to give every pretense of purity to offset his wickedness. That’s the explanation for him wearing white suits embossed with a dove while he performs his act.

How does his story end? Perhaps we can’t say for sure just yet, but it doesn’t look good. How long can a wicked man imitate the Holy Spirit and blaspheme the name of the Lord before he is turned over to Satan and his angles, and to demons, to be destroyed.

Here in session two, we’re going to look at another collection of suspects. Like the other group, these are arrested in this conference on suspicion of being false teachers causing harm to the saints. The detained are: Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Steven Furtick, Perry Noble, Judah Smith, Jud Wilhite, and Rick Warren. A few will be singled out, but we’ll deal with them as a group.

Their conference offering is “New Spring Leadership Conference.”

If you attended session one of this conference, you are familiar with policy on excluding some images from this platform, which is in effect here. To view this image you will need to use the link provided. [HERE]

This heresy conference is billed as: “A Full Day of Teaching Focused on Leveraging Your Influence to Preach the Gospel” (emphasis added). This conference, which by the way takes up the whole day (you get you out of conference in under twenty minutes), has as its theme personal influence.

They say: “The New Spring Leadership Conference is a full day of teaching focused on influence and how it affects our preaching of the Gospel.”

What this actually is: this is not a New Spring, but an old poisoned well. These ruffled-come-hipsters of the new paradigm are full of themselves. They were able to dazzle the illiterate to leverage their apostate quirks, which they pass off as personality, into money making careers.

Let us have a guess at what their curriculum will be, and their motives. Because this conference is not about developing leaders, that’s just a bribe thrown out there to flatter the unsuspecting. They’re not interested in any leaders being created, nor are they interested in your ideas. They have already made all the leadership decisions a long time ago, and the attendees are only the fuel to keep them going in the direction they have determined to go.

These guys are like vampires. First, they are going to squeeze you for your blood, and the only leading they want you to do form them is to go out afterwards and lead in more victims to them.

What the conference is about:

They are planning to make more money by explaining how they’ve leveraged their influence to occasionally be a Christ-name-dropper in public, perhaps in an airport terminal where they traveled first class. More importantly, how you too can get to work for them; filling their building and filling their coffers by leveraging your quirks, and preaching the gospel of community

The gospel of community is one which allows for any and all to attend their Saturday night performances and Sunday matinees where a needle can be inserted into their arms and the siphoning can begin

Of course, there are classes offered in their respective churches that will personality profile you using rubrics designed by godless men to discover what gifts God has given you which enable you to work for these men. Often, there are contracts that must be signed by this newly trained ‘leaders’ before they begin performing what they are told is their ‘ministry’ and what others have correctly identified as indentured servitude.

These men are building their kingdoms one human sacrifice at a time.

A peek into the situation room, or strategy headquarters for New Spring Leadership conference, and an examination of the graphs, charts, merchandising plans, and finance statements would reveal it’s really nothing more than a money making recruitment drive.

For any discerning soul, this would be expensive outing, a complete waste of valuable time and lots of your money, but you’re not going to that conference. You’re at this conference; and you will be able to take some real tools away from it too.

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