State of the Union: National Socialism Comes to America – 12

[This is a SPECIAL REPORT on the State of the Union. It will be presented in installments over the next few weeks.  The report will be published in its entirety separately. It is an extensive look into the murder of liberty, the rise of tyranny, and the end of the age under National Socialism.]

It must have been a tough case to crack.  Apparently, Davis, a sophisticated national threat, was running his ideological think-tank from an old print shop. Pamphlets?  (part 11 )

Not to diminish the success, the case was manufactured.  In an undercover operation, the FBI brought the money, made the offer, got Davis and an accomplice to bite, and then brought the charges.

After Davis was found guilty in October, 2011, Judge James Mahan ordered Davis to serve 57 months in prison, and pay $93,000 in restitution.   What was it Davis was to restore?  Restitution usually implies there was some sort of property damage.

The crime duo was charged with accepting a total of 96,000 in fees form the FBI to launder 1.3 million for them.  It’s the FBI’s money (money the government couldn’t afford to let us keep), marked in some way or otherwise identified to prove that, and presumably the FBI can find its own money (to use for their next big case).

Perhaps the FBI was holding a grudge against the sovereign-bottom boys.  They had originally requested that the judge impose a $1.3 million forfeiture judgment against Davis.  Nevertheless, US Attorney Eric Johnson claimed that Davis wasn’t targeted in the sting due to his views.  Notwithstanding, a prosecutor can get a case to look a lot larger than it is, and appear to have accomplished something more important than they did, by attaching a bigger price tag to it.

To his credit, Judge Mahan reportedly tuned down the prosecution’s request as “unnecessary additional punishment.”34 The judge also noted that Davis had no prior criminal record.

As this goes to print, there is a website online entitled Sovereign Citizens United (SCU).  A cursory view reveals there are no calls for violence, tax evasion, or other criminal activity, and they specifically claim in their mission statement not to endorse any of those activities.35

The SCU may or may not be the sovereigns the FBI is targeting. The unifying theme of the articles on the site focuses mainly on private property concerns, the harm that Socialists in government cause, and United Nations Agenda 21 community redevelopment programs.

In short, Agenda 21 is sustainable living for the 21st century with emphasis on high density dual purpose living and working centers located along main public transportation routes.  The goal is to establish open space land reserves and restrict public access to them to reduce environmental footprints.  A primary mechanism for this transformation is the increase in government housing and the decrease in private property rights.  Many local Agenda 21 programs have been afoot now for over a decade.

The United Nations operatives are implementing Agenda 21 development in cities across the nation using the Delphi technique in staged public meeting secretly prepopulated with shills and stakeholders who stand to benefit from development contracts.36 They are an arm of the international socialists usurping the Constitution working to herd Americans into stack and pack housing camps.  It would be a fair deduction to make that the sovereigns would not be in favor of National, or International, Socialism.

This examination of public enemies was important to highlight a few important points regarding conspiracies.


34. Jeff German, “Judge sentences anti-government leader to prison,” Las Vegas Review-Journal. October 27, 2011.
35. Sovereign Citizens United, “Mission Statement,” (accessed February 12, 2012).

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