State of the Union: National Socialism Comes to America – 13

[This is a SPECIAL REPORT on the State of the Union. It will be presented in installments over the next few weeks.  The report will be published in its entirety separately. It is an extensive look into the murder of liberty, the rise of tyranny, and the end of the age under National Socialism.]

This examination of public enemies was important to highlight a few important points regarding conspiracies. (part 12 )

Conspiracies  and Conspirators  It is easy for people to casually assent to some general ideas and join in principal to those espousing views which they find appealing at the time.  Also, every group or party attracts its own share of wingnuts who do not represent that groups positions, and a few who will twist its views to justify their own behavior.  That is what we call politics.  Furthermore, as the government enacts polices that force the nation towards National Socialism, it creates more groups that respond by encouraging resistance to that government’s transformation. For most Americans, the resistance encouraged will be that which takes place at the ballot box.

But it should never be forgotten that desperate times produce desperate men, and many of those men can be easily influenced; both overtly, and covertly—as the FBI recently proved with Davis.

In a money laundering sting operation, many do not consider the actual scope the manipulation takes to build the case.  The first that occurs to most minds are a couple of undercover crooked guys and maybe a few other money contacts.   It is not that simple.  That is only the front end of the operation.  The FBI trains in the most sophisticated forms of psychological character manipulation, and the teams bought in to work a guy over can be extensive.

The mark is enveloped from day one with specialists placed at every area of contact deemed necessary to work on the weaknesses in his profile.  When the manufactured case is brought to trial, the only team members revealed in the courtroom will be the non-undercover case supervisor, and the undercover money contacts to establish that money, indeed, exchanged hands.  What will not be revealed in court is the whole cast of characters.  For example, the team member planted in the coffee shop that the mark frequented, and who struck up a conversation with him and became a three year acquaintance.

This would be the specialist who would work on a facet of the marks profile to exacerbate it in order to motivate the mark to take action.  He would provide just the right information in exactly the right doses until the mark saw a mushroom cloud looming in the air only six months down the road, and was convinced of an imperative to act, to take the bait.  Is the mark lovelorn? Enter the damsel soon to be in distress; innocently falling victim to a financial calamity.   The FBI will place as many of these well trained specialists acting in any support role necessary to set the stage for success.  Key supporting team members may remain in place post-sting to be blended away later so as not to arose the mark’s suspicion of their real identities.

That’s how an FBI sting operation might go down, and those with no criminal record are especially vulnerable.  Let’s call the foregoing conjecture, but on this you can depend. The FBI specialists are trained to deceive, to successfully lie to the most difficult to persuade; accomplished, suspicious, career criminals. They have the time and the budget to make it work and the stuff you see on TV doesn’t scratch the surface.37


37. The author claims no direct knowledge of circumstances or details in the referenced case other than from sources cited herein.  Furthermore, the author is not in contact with any person or persons who are, or who have been, employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nor has the author received any official information from the FBI on FBI field strategies and undercover operations.  The author only surmises the possibilities.

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