State of the Union: National Socialism Comes to America – 2

[This is a SPECIAL REPORT on the State of the Union. It will be presented in installments over the next few weeks.  The report will be published in its entirety separately. It is an extensive look into the murder of liberty, the rise of tyranny, and the end of the age under National Socialism.]

Even without such examples as the foregoing, the very ominous titles of the new bureaus, agencies and commissions reveal their duplicitous natures. (part 1)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Recently forced past the Senate by President Obama, the CFPB will do nothing to protect the consumer.  It will be the clearinghouse for private assets evaluation and then assets seizure by the state in return for the new legal tender (global or otherwise) issued after the successful collapse of the dollar has occurred.

The action of the CFPB will immediately leave consumers desperate for obtaining supplies such as those required for basic daily living, and, without reserves, force them to begin purchasing new, state approved, supplies from state approved suppliers issuing state approved goods and services.  Thus, a new subsistence economy will be initiated, and the new fiat currency will begin circulating instantaneously. One need only look back at the auto bailouts and government requirements for the manufacture and purchasing of the failed GM Volt to see the policy in action.

Financial Crimes Unit (FCU) Revealed by the President in 2012 SOTU Address, he claimed it was established to protect us from unscrupulous financial dealings.  Instead, the FCU will be used to enforce the new financial laws created by regulations from the TEU and CFPB. This crime unit will arrest and prosecute consumers charged with anything from hoarding to possession of illegal assets.

Reasonable Profits Board (RPB) The RPB proposed in H.R. 3784, 112th Congress, 2nd Session, first goes after Big Oil; an enemy successfully created to divert public attention.  The resolution defines Windfall Profits (unreasonable profits) as “profit on such sale as exceeds a reasonable profit.” 3  It then defines ‘reasonable profit’ as “the amount determined by the Reasonable Profits Board to be a reasonable profit on the sale.”4 Of course, this is completely subjective to opinion, envy, and the desires and dictates of government control.

Accordingly, the resolution contains a tax credit for purchasing energy efficient cars.  The cars are only mentioned as assembled in the United States, and only by union members.  After their union helped to sink auto companies and make producing cars in America cost prohibitive, those are the same union members rescued by the auto bail out.  That’s why the bill stipulates that union members assemble cars here and not manufacture them.  The parts are manufactured in Canada and Mexico.

For the time being, unions are unwittingly instrumental in the transition as they congeal government employees and government subsidized workers to rally against the taxpayer and call for more taxes and regulatory protections for union wages and benefits.  They will be easily folded into the new National Socialist Party, and unions themselves will be abolished.  That is what happened in Nazi Germany.  There can be no labor organizations competing for power outside the National Socialist Workers Party.

Later, when the RPB gets up and running, severe austerity measures will be enacted and every occupation will need to have wages and salaries approved, and reduced, by the board.

While all this activity is taking place, National Socialists will tell the people they are doing the opposite of what they are doing.  Repeating a big lie often has proven to be effective in getting the people to believe it.  Those in control of leadership will ramp up this campaign as the collapse begins.

After bailing out car companies, banks, and launching government business that immediately go bankrupt, and increasing food stamp recipients to nearly 43 million people, the President will say things like: “No bailouts, no handouts, and no copouts.”5  The President said that in his 2012 State of the Union Address, but he had no intention of stopping the bailouts, and the handouts.


3. House Bill 3784, Gas Price Spike Act of 2012, 112th Congress, 2nd session.
4. House Bill 3784.
5. TRANSCRIPT: Obama’s 2012 State of the Union, FoxNews. January 24, 2012.

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