State of the Union: National Socialism Comes to America – 7

[This is a SPECIAL REPORT on the State of the Union. It will be presented in installments over the next few weeks.  The report will be published in its entirety separately. It is an extensive look into the murder of liberty, the rise of tyranny, and the end of the age under National Socialism.]

Few take the time to realize that the problems they are given to solve are not directly related to what they were hired to do.  They are missing the three requirements in their job descriptions necessary to legitimately perform in these exercises: authority, responsibility, and compensation. (part 6)

As in Nazi Germany, American teachers don’t have the authority to implement the solutions they come up with, are not responsible for solving the problems they are assigned deliberate on, and do not receive the salary compensation to perform at those managerial levels.

It will not do, however, for them to examine their job description, telephone the Personal Department, explain that they are opting out of the nonsense, and contact the labor relations board if they are harassed.  This is because their union sold them out.22

In order to appear formidable, and justify the obscene price of union dues, for a small pay increase the United Teachers Los Angeles agreed in contract negotiations to the originally scheduled 14 staff development days, and they obligated teachers to attend them.  They signed a contract.  It was only the start.

Today, every Tuesday of every school week is a shortened day for the purpose of holding small group meetings. There are the surveys that must be completed, and the elaborate questionnaires with various scenarios that must be submitted, and the deadlines.  Much of what is assigned has to be completed on personal time outside the work place. It’s all ‘rigmarole’ in order to distract people and force them to think about what the party wants them to think about while it tightens the grip.

‘One had no time.’

Other professions are also experiencing the same demands for extracurricular exercises and intrusions into personal time, but the Hitler realized that if he could get to the young in time all would be his.  To get to the children and control what they are indoctrinated with, first the government has to get to the teachers.  Convert as many as possible to the party line, and keep the rest too busy to evaluate the information they are required to dispense, much less augment it with the rebuttal of thoughtful, personal commentary.

As the government consolidates power, it will begin segregating out dissenters under a public enemy campaign.


22. Teachers may have recourse in many instances where small groups are assigned research or problem solving projects with the added responsibility of presenting their findings or solutions to other faculty and staff.  Adult Professional Development Coordinators, hired in many school districts or contracted, must possess education, talent, and experience that generally far surpass that which is required by primary and secondary school teachers who teach children.  As in the rest of academia, qualifications and salary increase with the student body age; teachers in most professional development programs were not hired to, or are required to, teach adults; or to teach and train other teachers or staff members.  Furthermore, employees may abstain from contributing dialogue to, or entering discussions on. topics about which they have no opinion, or for which they may have serious reservations, or find conscientiously objectionable, and employers may not force them speak or address such topics.  The courts have ruled that certain in instances compelled speech violates the principals of the First Amendment. Additionally, a person may not be compelled to reveal such things as proprietary information about products or services that person has developed, or is developing, or any such information that person has not protected by trade mark, patent, or copyright.  Many staff development sessions consist of polling and surveying participants for effective techniques and methods which may be later repackaged into new staff development programs that are sold back to school districts for handsome profits.

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