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Papers for Illegal Aliens

There’s new paperwork in California for illegal aliens. In December 2016, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that illegal aliens are “American by every measure except the papers they hold….”1  That insane example of jurisprudence was part of Mayor Garcitti’s … Continue reading

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What Sanctuary Cities Cost Americans

The costs Americans are burdened with as a result of the policies of Sanctuary Cites are ones that are truly grievous to be borne.  Not only is it a staggering financial burden on Americans, in hundreds and hundreds of cases … Continue reading

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Ben Carson’s $4 Tomato is Already Here

In an interview on Fox News, presidential candidate Ben Carson argued in favor of an undocumented guest worker program for illegal immigrants.  The basis for his reasoning was the $4 dollar tomato.  It goes like this: Americans aren’t willing to … Continue reading

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