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This is a Christian website.  Its purpose it to contend for the faith and the doctrine once delivered to the saints by exposing false teachers, their heresies, and their apologists; and to mark them for avoidance (Jude 1:3; Rom 16:17). The articles examine news and events and in light of biblical prophecy and Christian teachings. The views expressed here are those derived through the lens of scripture, and the Bible is used to establish the veracity of claims and positions examined herein.

This material is copyrighted, and credit must be given for its use.  Any use of this material must include a citation as to author, title, where published, and date.  Quotations must not be taken out of context, not be block quoted to comprise a reprint under an introduction, and articles must not be reprinted in their entirety.

Citations should be made as follows:

David Dansker, “The Best Article Ever,”, January 1, 2010. accessed January 7, 2011.

The full hyper text extension of the article should be included, and it is found in the address bar of your browser when viewing the article.

In areas where expertise on a given subject treated appears to be of value, and is available, it will be referenced. Where materials from others are examined, attribution will be provided to identify those sources.  Where quotations are included in articles, sources will be supplied appropriately and cited for verification. The method of citation used herein follows the Chicago Manual Of Style with a few exceptions.

The reader is encouraged to be a Berean (Acts17) and to search the scriptures daily.  The Bible recommended for serious study is the Authorized King James Version.  Other translations were made from manuscripts which were originally rejected for their errors, and contain inaccuracies that, in their mildest form, make it more difficult to discern the times and understand prophecy. These following translations increase in with error in order that they are listed: NKJV, NASB, ESV, CLV, NIV, TEV, NLT.  There is an excellent download Bible, with commentaries, available from eSword at

Links to other websites are carried on this website.  In the past, links were carried to both encourage new Christian writers and to provide resources to visitors.  This policy was discontinued for a time because of the amount of time required to ensure that websites were developing free from error.  Currently, links are on the Links page, and an appropriate disclaimer has been added.

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