Title IX and the Destruction of Boys’ Physical Education

In the 1960’s and 70’s, Boys Physical Education (PE) was much like army boot camp.  In fact, many of the coaches were former army Drill Sergeants.  They were men barking at young men to motivate them to excel, and to discipline them.  We did things girls couldn’t do and in ways we’d never dream of asking girls to do.  It was a genuine safe space for boys to be young men; to outperform, and be out-performed.  We were willing to be exposed for our weaknesses to set benchmarks in a way we’d never allow ourselves to be seen in front of the girls.  We left PE periods stronger, relieved, and, day be day, more accomplished and more confident.

Enter Title IX.  In California, women could no longer be prohibited from teaching Boys PE.  Boys who needed to escape being told by their mom to clean their room were now being told by their mom to take a lap.  The ability for young men to escape into a man’s world for manly guidance and character building was stolen from them.  But the worst was yet to come.

Girls could not be segregated from Boys PE, and these classes became Co-ed.  No self-respecting young man would risk setting bench marks or perform the rigors of men’s PE in front of, or with girls.  PE quickly descended into social games and activities that no one took seriously.  Absent the workouts, energies previously expended on the field were brought back to classrooms, and discipline obtained from coaches was gone making it tougher on classroom teachers.  There were more fights on campus, and childhood obesity exploded.

The Federal government should not be involved in education.  At all.  The Department of Education should be abolished.  It has seriously harmed two generations, and now seeks to put young women at risk of serious injury, and even death in order to pursue a twisted and sick agenda of denying the reality of biology, and everything we know about child psychology and child development.

The Biden administration has proposed a rule change to Title IX to further decimate PE, and all school sports for both boys and girls, of all ages.  The change will prohibit schools from segregating boys from girls in competitive sports if those boys say they are girls, and apply to compete.  We are seeing a ‘no holds barred’ assault on our girls and young women by a senile, perverted old man who hasn’t been playing with a full deck for some time.  He is angrily shaking his fist at God, and at any, and all who would associate with Him.  If there be any news to sooth it is that longevity is no longer a card in that deck, but the damage he has helped to bring about may leave little time for America to be comforted by it.

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