Tyranny is Closer

Tyranny is Closer: Why the New President Needs Global Warming and Why the Necessary Use of Zealots Will Backfire

January 6th, 2009 by David Danskernasa1r3107_1000×1000xx11.jpg

There are too many big problems with no quick solutions for the new president to appear competent as he begins his first term.  Global warming is a perfect distraction.  Firstly, success on this non-existent crisis is guaranteed because results are measured solely by obedience.  If increasing numbers of people are towing the Green party line, then progress is being made in the war on global warming.  Actual figures can follow easily because climate models are notoriously flawed, and the numbers can be tweaked to produce any graph desired (e.g. the hockey stick graph).Secondly, as the cash strapped Federal government continues to nationalize businesses, the population will need to begin feeding on itself as it goes socialist prior to collapsing.  Here, global warming is set to become the largest tax ever levied on merely the condition of being alive (evidenced by producing carbon dioxide and methane gas).  It has already begun over at the Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA is proposing to further the fight on greenhouse gasses by levying a tax on livestock.  For example, a dairy cow would be taxed $175, and beef cattle would be taxed $87.50 per head.1

Of course, animals don’t pay taxes so we would suffer the new taxes in the increased cost of food.  In the beginning, the only thing the tax would do is act as propaganda for public consumption; another blow against global warming.  On the back end, the government raises revenue by the existence alone of bovine.

Here we see the make believe crisis is bad for industry and the consumer, but there is always much more danger in absurd theories when people in power act on them.  Ludicrous is not a strong enough word to describe the theory of man made global warming: tyranny is closer.  This is because the theories can never be separated from their zealots, and these same zealots (useful idiots) are relied upon to provide the arguments to serve as facts for the government to justify taking action.  The zealots must be hired as advisors, and even promoted to positions of power in order for the government to reap greater rewards.  Like the dawning of a socialist economy, however, dangerous theories embraced as opportunities by government implode with catastrophic consequences.  The zealots will have their rewards too, and the government will be unable to stop them after authenticating their views and codifying them into laws.

The politicians may only have wanted the revenue and the opportunity to claim a success.  The zealots want the results their theory calls for.  The only tangible ones they can obtain, next to models obtained from dial-a-climate, is the actual reduction of the threat.  Today, the United States Department of Agriculture is trying to put the voice of reason against the zealots at the EPA.  The USDA reports that the new all-encompassing livestock regulations would effectively shut down 1.9 million smaller farms.  “These operations simply could not bear the regulatory compliance costs that would be involved.”2  The danger isn’t that the EPA is reckless; it’s that the EPA could figure that out with their own computers.

As the global warming charade continues, taxes will be increased with the goal of phasing out bovine completely, and the boot will be laced to stamp out as17-140-21391c1xx22.jpgthe larger contributor of greenhouse gases, hominids.  By then, what’s left of rational government will be along for the ride, having no power to intervene.  The phase out of select humans could begin the same as the cattle tax.  It could start as a per person tax on greenhouse gasses; with more for athletes and meat eaters, and less for sedentary and compliant vegetarians.  It will increase until one could no longer afford to exhale, and the right to exist will be foreclosed upon.  The zealots and global warming faithful will at first be relatively safe from the green crusade as they will all be employed by then by the government (even if their employment is only informing on their neighbors).  Will it go that far?

It has gone that far.  Nazism and social Darwinism came together under Hitler, and in order to have a more perfect union of citizen and the world millions had to be murdered.  First to go were the ones deemed unable, and those unwilling to contribute to the grand design.  Finally the sub-human, the people who had not evolved enough, had to be removed from the earth.  The similarities between problems that existed then and ones that exist now are remarkable, but what’s more astonishing is that the same level of gullibility exists in people to put their hope in a human leader to solve their problems for them.  It is the same which precedes fanatism. In the years surrounding the rise of Hitler, this level of fanatism was largely confined to Europe.  With America under the same sort of spell as the rest of the world there will be no forces to muster against a coming world leader who will be much more evil than Hitler was.  Whether this new administration is the one that presides over America’s demise is a small detail.  America’s disintegration is well under way, and explains why prophecy buffs cannot find her in end-time Bible prophecy, and also why the Antichrist’s rise to power is unopposed by something resembling a strong America.


1-2.  Jeff Poor, “EPA ‘Cow Tax’ Could Charge $175 per Dairy Cow to Curb Greenhouse Gases,” Business & Media Institute. December 30, 2008.   http://www.businessandmedia.org/articles/2008/20081230165231.aspx

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