Under Dark Powers – The Coup d’états in America

Since the assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963, America has existed under the illegitimate government that took control by a coup d’état.  There was a respite when, in 1980, a nation with a memory defied the dark powers and elected an American patriot whom the dark powers nevertheless thought they could subsequently manage.  President Ronald Reagan had come up through the system, a politician that would have allegiances to the powers in the machine.  He defied them.  Their worst fears were finally realized when he did, in fact, align with God first, and then the American people foremost.  After two months into his presidency old but well-oiled gears in the secret machine were again put in motion, and another president was shot.  The assassination attempt failed, so the coup leaders continued to work behind the scenes to frustrate the threat to their power.  After eight years, they were again in complete control, but then in 2015 the unthinkable happened.

From outside the halls where a currency was tendered almost exclusively in low voices and secret hand-shakes, of pats on the back, and knowing inferences delivered in hushed tones, a man stood up.

The world had changed since the 60’s, and the attempt to echo it in the 80’s proved it was fraught with relics that were less then optimum solutions for the twenty-first century.   The power of instantaneous communication in the hands of regulars demonstrated by large and widespread riots ignited at a moment’s notice by what would have been obscure individuals made it even more clear.  Communicative manipulation would not only be the safest course for the dark powers, but also the most effective and survivable.  And, except for a reappearance of that rare phenomenon, it would have been enough to stop him.

After a concerted campaign of incredulous lambasting and dismissive waves from all the controlled opposition in both parties, and the obedient media conglomerates, he only grew stronger, stood taller.

The dark forces had to reconcile themselves to face the fact of what they were encountering; that their worst fear was yet upon them again.  Most of them have never actually witnessed it before themselves, but they knew of it.  It was written about in history books, some still escaping the decades of efforts by their revisionists.  It was still occasionally sung about at gatherings, even with the public being made to suffer the display of kneeling disapproval. 

It was that phenomenon from history that had unbelievably come back again.  They had been sure it couldn’t happen.  They had ridiculed it, falsely accused it of every evil manifestation borne disproportionately by its victims who were everywhere manufactured, and then compensated from the treasury for their enlistment and pledges of allegiance to new flags.   

In the faces and in the crowds that assembled it was not only seen, but it was felt.  Undeniably, it had returned.  It was an uprising of a spirit.  It had the force and magnitude of millions of pulsing, beating hearts longing again for that true taste of real freedom supplied only by the power of liberty, with its pure expression only politically possible in American Patriotism.

In 2016, President Donald Trump was elected by that spirit.  He tirelessly worked for the American people, keeping his promises that were guided by American interests first.  They included securing the border, and protecting American livelihoods from foreign entanglements, and domestic foreign agents in the halls of power.  It was all they could do not to completely implode, and many on their fringes did just that.  But like a disease, they had infiltrated deep within the host, and inoculated themselves with the patience of a traitorous subversion.  

They frustrated the president by surrounding him with insiders.  From the military, State Department, the Department of Justice, and from his own party the dark forces rallied.  They had their successes, but the president was resolute in his quest to keep America, its interests, and its safety, first.  Not only could he not be baited into spilling their blood on foreign desert sands to keep rich men north of Richmond wealthy, a second term would almost certainly expose them all.  Their very survival was on the line, and they would stop at nothing.

It would be a second American coup d’état, but this time through the use of thuggery coupled with technology.  The coup Allies in federal agencies and local law enforcement departments would be mobilized, with their minions in State and local governments, to commit the largest act of election fraud ever in the history of the free world.  The dark forces again denied the American people a second term of their president, and feverishly went to work undoing everything he accomplished.  In their blind, raging hatred, they would not only expunge our history from the records, and tear down our national monuments, they would replace our national anthem of unity with a celebration of racial segregation and division.  They would even destroy America once and for all.

How will this end?  

Today we stand at the precipice of our nation’s survival.  If we are to regain our birthright as a fee people and again secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves, and our posterity, we must stand tall.  It will require all Americans to unite in a sacred cause to defeat the dark forces and return to ourselves again a government of, by, and for the people.  In this fight there are no Republicans, there are no Democrats, there are no Libertarians, there are only American Patriots.  God Bless America!