Unusual Circumstances of Donald Trump

Another day, another condemnation. That’s nearly the way it’s been since the day Donald Trump announced his run for president.  In his detractors’ defense, Trump has been so much the media focus that they almost have to come out swinging at the Donald to get any news coverage.  This time Trump is to have made insufferable comments about fellow presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s looks. Trump reportedly said: “Look at that face!? Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” In responding to the interpretations that these disparaging remarks are about her unattractiveness, there are some usual, and unusual, circumstances that must be considered.

Firstly, the MSM has been trying to get Trump to knuckle under and do what he is told by them since he announced his run.  They are outraged that he refuses to subordinate himself to these kingmakers; being told what to say and what to apologize for.  They continue to desperately seize on any sound bite that might be distorted, and scream charges.

Among the infamous remarks Trump is supposed to have made regards the feminine issues of one Megyn Kelly, and their effect on her performance as debate moderator.  Reporters, consultants, and assorted detractors ran with charges amounting to disgusting sexism.  It soon became apparent, however, that few if any of them actually vetted the video interview from whence the evidence was purported to be extracted.

When viewed, even a simple application of the rules of evidence for inferences immediately discredited their assertions (where both a fact that proves guilt and a fact that proves innocence can be drawn from the same inference, the one proving innocence must be preferred).

Even the prestigious Rolling Stone, the source for the latest charge, is not immune to false reporting, and on serious topics, and on a very large scale.  In 2014, the Stone ran a feature article about a young woman who was horrifically gang raped by students attending the University of Virginia.  At 9,000 words, the article titled “A Rape on Campus” was extensive. It even named the fraternity Phi Kappa Psi as an accomplice.  The problem is that reporter Ms. Erdely, a contributing editor at the Stone, had been completely duped by her source; it never happened, but the incendiary fallout still affects students and campuses today.

In too many cases, the MSM are not only deceivers, but they are also being deceived. It was even reported that Trump raped his ex-wife, a charge she quickly refuted (adding that he would make a great president).  It has never been more important to exercise due diligence in evaluating ‘news’ reports.  The way words and phrases read can present a markedly different interpretation than when they are actually heard (we miss inflection, tone, emphasis, and even facial expressions).

This is even more of an issue with Trump, who is not a polished political speaker (a relief, even to many who do not support him).  Trump speaks like a boxing match where words are used to hammer out a good deal.  What would usually be a right cross suddenly shows upper-cut, and then cross again.  It’s not a style we’re used to hearing, and following, in speeches.  In regards to his reported remarks about Fiorina, Trump may very well have been indicating that she did not look ‘presidential’ enough.  In an article out today in Breitbart, Trump himself clarified that it was Fiorina’s ‘persona’ that he was referring to, and that should probably settle this latest dust up.  Until next time.

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