Hackers Out in Force to Obscure Trump Debate Win in Online Polls

Everywhere from Breitbart to Drudgereport, polls for voting for which presidential candidate won the debate are being hacked tonight by DNC subcontractors.  These would be the same subcontractors as the ones revealed to be paying violent activists to incite violence at trump rallies, and who are linked to the Clinton campaign. 

Exavier • a few seconds ago

61,393 on the Breitbart poll

27,346 on the Drudge poll

That ‘s all ? Something doesn’t add up.

Millions of people read Drudge

Same for Breitbart

They are trying to make it look like it’s over. Hillary won. Why try? Give up? You can’t do anything to stop it. It’s exactly why they claimed earlier today she won the election, its too steep a comeback. They are trying to instill a learned helplessness, a why try what can my vote do mentality!

It’s soooo obvious.

Hilary trolls infesting us to bad we can’t delete them.why would a Hilary supporter be stupid enough to come in here if they weren’t being paid

Something very weird happening with the poll right now. Googleads, and many other routings happening simultaneously, and won’t accept my vote. I am extremely confused. Cyber attack live and in color? Comments section basically proves my theory.

The poll has been hacked by the Hillary Clinton campaign and they are blaming the Russians.

They have hacked the polls here and on Drudge. If they cheat and hack the election, it is the patriotic duty of every American to become well armed and take to the streets and organize to take the country back from these Marxist usurpers. Sadly enough, the time has come to water the tree of liberty. Those who refuse to join don’t deserve to be free or enjoy the fruits of liberty purchased by so many who went before them.

 Been trying to vote here and on Drudge and my vote will not register.

 Carl Jarson6 minutes ago

For anyone to think Trump can come back from how far behind in the polls he is, means you are DELUSIONAL!

We cannot win the White House. At best we have to keep the senate and house.

Trump is DONE


corbyj • 9 minutes ago


I’m having problems with the poll, the button to vote just turns….not sure if it accepted my vote

David • 10 minutes ago

 vote is locked up, someting fishy

Why is it not allowing me to vote?

Have tried voting for Trump 10x. Won’t take my vote. Correct The Record paid Hillary shills are raiding this poll!


[comments; Breitbart]

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